We have a training package called Child Protection Awareness in Sport and Active Leisure provided through the NSPCC EduCare . This will provide you with the necessary basic awareness training to gain your FARS CPU Licence.

This is an on-line training package and therefore can be completed at your convenience with no need to attend a face to face training session. There will be no time or expense incurred in traveling to and from a training venue. There will also be no delay in waiting for a training seminar to be organised and this will enable volunteers to gain their CPU Licence much more quickly.

You will be directed to the NSPCC EduCare website where a fee is payable and then you will be able to log on and work your way through the required training units and complete the assessment task at the end of the training. Completion of the assessment will generate a certificate which you will then forward to the FARS office who will issue your CPU Licence, subject to your enhanced DBS check being issued. Members are requested to inform the FARS office of the type of license required e.g. coach, official or volunteer by completing the appropriate form.

Licences are renewed every three years by completing the relevant application form.  After two further renewals (9 years) a new DBS check and Child Protection Training are required.

FARS is committed to ensuring that child protection training and procedures are rigorous to ensure the safety of all those young or vulnerable participants in our sport. Each member's support and commitment to this is both appreciated and expected.

If any candidate is found to have deliberately misled or falsified any aspect of their training and assessment they will be referred to the FARS Board for disqualification and the matter will be passed to the police for investigation.

EduCare Child Protection in Sport and Active Leisure
More advanced Child Protection training for coaches is available from Sports Coach UK and information about this can be found on the following website:

Child Protection Courses

First Aid Courses