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Welcome to the Events section of the FARS website, you will find information on up and coming FARS events,you will also find the Calendar of Events for the current year.

2018 Competition/Championship Information

2018 National Event Dates

2017 Competition/Championship Information

Tots, Mini, Classic and Masters Championships

Tots, Mini, Classic and Masters - Running Order

Figure and Free Competition

Figure and Free Competition - Running Order

Figure and Free Competition - Music Submission

Spring Solo

Spring Solo Dance - Music Submission Open

Spring Solo Dance - Running Order

Spring Solo Dance - Event List (updated 31.12.2016)

Tots, Classics & Masters Championships

Tots, Mini, Classics and Masters Championships

Espoir, Cadet, Youth, Junior & Senior Championships

2017 Style Dance Verification Open


Calendar of Events 2017

CEPA Calendar 2017 - Updates 15.03.2017

National Events 2017

International Selection

International Selection Criteria

International Rules and Regulations Documents

FIRS Artistic 2017

CEPA 2017