Ronald E Gibbs

In 1947 Ron joined the National Skating Association of Great Britain and started Speed and Roller Hockey Skating. In 1955, after 5 years in the RAF he moved to London and joined the famous Alexandra Palace Club, continuing with Hockey and Speed Skating, passing Silver Speed test.
In 1956 Ron started Roller Dancing, however at the same time became a member of the Southgate Roller Hockey Club where he was Captain of 2nd Team. Ron’s Roller Hockey career spanned the next 20 years. As Ron’s interest in Roller Dance increased he joined the Imperial Club at Brixton and started dancing with a partner.

Skating Career and Championship Honours

1962 World Dance Championships placed 4th
1965 British Dance Champion
1965 World Dance Championships placed 5th
1966 World Dance Championships placed 4th

Gold Dance Test passed

Coaching Career

Coached a number of skaters to winning British Championship levels
Coached and acted as consultant to World Champions and coaches

Skating Offices and Administration

Developed dance tempo music recorded on tape to be used in competition and continues to provide this service for European and World Championships today
First Competitive Skater to be appointed as an NSA Judge for Roller Skating
Instrumental in introducing Original Set Pattern Dance to Artistic Roller Skating and then to the International organisations
Invented the Tudor Waltz and Imperial Tango compulsory dances
In 1964 was elected to the Council of National Skating Association of Great Britain (NSA) during which time he served a period on the Finance Committee
Introduced Judges uniforms which was also adopted for International events World Wide
He was invited to be on the Committee for Artistic Roller Skating (CARS) along with Clive Preston – the first competitive skaters to be on this NSA committee. Went on to be Honorary Secretary
In 1975 passed the International Judges Test and became an International Roller Skating Judge
British Team Manager for World Championships on numerous occasions
Member of the European governing body for Artistic Roller Skating (CEPA)
Was elected as President of CEPA
Judged World Championships on numerous occasions
In 1981 ran Junior European Championships at Pickets Lock in London on behalf of the NSA
Introduced Gold Star Tests
Introduced the “Maydaye Fund” in support of International Competitors
Introduced the “Knock Out” format of competition based on Ballroom dancing competitions
In 2005 was elected a President of Federation of Artistic Roller Skating (FARS)
Ron is currently still very active as both National and International Judge.