Peter Hicks

Peter joined the sport and became a member of the National Skating Association of Great Britain in 1953, and started taking various medal tests and spent many years in the Medway Roller Skating and Social Club.  He has been involved in the sport since that time apart from a break when he was working with the ‘Tamara Moskvina Russian School of Ice Skating’ and a period working on the production of the film ‘Rollerball’.

Later, with his partner Margaret they gave many exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA and performed in front of General Franco in Spain.  They gave many technical demonstrations and instructional sessions of dance, including instructing Judges and skaters in the Italian Federation when they first started Dance skating.
Peter also represented Artistic Roller Skating with the “Sports” spectrum, involving liaison with many Ice and Roller TV transmissions and productions in sporting event promotions.

Skating Career

1968    British Dance Champion (with partner Margaret Brooks)
1969    British Dance Champion (with partner Margaret Brooks)
1970    British Dance Champion (with partner Margaret Brooks)
1971    British Dance Champion (with partner Margaret Brooks)
1972    British Dance Champion (with partner Margaret Brooks)
Placed 2nd in World Championship
Placed 2nd in European Championship
Excellent results on various International Events
International British Team member for many years
Coggins Trophy winner – 3 times    
1st Skater to pass the Gold Star Dance Test couples
Passed 3rd class Figure test
Passed 3rd class Pairs test

Coaching Career

Following a decision not to continue judging, Peter accepted posts with various organisations to Coach.  He worked tirelessly on development of Roller Dancing with numerous successes at various levels.  Taught skaters for International events at all levels with good results.  Peter produced the successful method of grading skaters known as the “ratchet system” in order to make automatic progression to events through the skating tests.  This system was successful  
and produced a healthy potential supply of skaters from beginner to Championship level.  He also worked on schemes to introduce Roller Dancing to both Italy and Portugal.

Skating Offices and Administrative roles

Elected Chairman of the NSA Council (former Governing body of Ice and Roller Skating in all branches excluding Roller Hockey)
Served on the Governing body of Artistic Roller Skating and served in all departmental committees of the NSA.
Selected as GB Team manager for numerous International events
Represented GB at International and National Congresses
Appointed to the 1st class Judging panel for Artistic Roller Skating
Set down the complete Child Protection Procedures in conjunction with CPSU and NSPCC
Appointed the Lead Officer of the FARS CPU continuing position for many years
Represented the sport in a development capacity with the Sports Council of GB
Developed the scheme and won a grant to provide a National Roller Skating Centre in Bury St Edmunds
He represented the sport at the Centenary Gala of the NSA while being part of the panel to host a visit by H M the Queen, and entertained the Prime Minister
Responded to a ‘House of Commons’ Prime Ministers Question Time concerning skating

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