How the Federation of Artistic Roller Skating is Funded

The Federation of Artistic Roller Skating is at present self-income generating and receives no UK Sport or Lottery Funding.

The Federation looks continuously for funding opportunities to further enhance the sport and provide for the skaters of today and the future. Our internal income is sourced from:

  • Monies remaining after all costs are met from entries to competitions, training days and seminars.

  • Subscriptions to FARS membership scheme.

  • Subscriptions from Club affiliation to FARS.

To ensure that we can provide as little expense as possible to our skaters, our profit margin is kept to the absolute bear minimum as we realise that attending events with skaters own expenditure on travel, accommodation, sustenance and entry fees is a cost that we would not wish to increase unduly. And that’s without the additional expense on skater’s equipment and attire.

Our external income is sourced from:

  • Monies as raised during commercial activities at event competitions.

  • Commercial sponsorship at Gold, Silver or Bronze Star level.

  • Event Sponsorship

  • Team Sponsorship

  • Venue Sponsorship

  • Individual Skater Sponsorship

We are actively seeking sponsorship at Gold, Silver or Bronze level. Sponsorship is vital to ensure that we can develop all our skaters for the future and beyond. Sponsorship would enable are skaters who represent us to better challenge those skaters from around the world at the highest level. We have such talented, promising young skaters, who with your help could access the resources needed to become the next World Champion(s).

If you are interested in sponsoring or supporting artistic roller skating in any form, please Email us.

Event(s) Sponsorship

There are a number of FARS National Championships that are available for sponsorship. The sponsor can take "title name" of the event, which would be used in all media contact and announcements. All rink side advertising would major on the sponsor’s name together with programme advertising. Under this type of support all media connections and photo calls would carry the sponsor’s name. Provision for hospitality accommodation at an agreed standard would be provided. There are International events that could be held in the U.K. also available within this category.

Team Sponsorship

Throughout the skating year British Teams of skaters travel Europe and the World to compete in International events. Such teams require assistance with travel arrangements, travel costs, equipment costs, uniform costs and general welfare facilities. Under this heading it is possible for a team to carry within their uniform or training outfits the name of a sponsor. A very limited display cover during the competition performance is also available. All press releases associated with the team and any media contact would include references to a sponsor. It should be noted that a number of the World and European events are covered by overseas TV.

Venue Sponsorship

The cost of providing a facility to hold skating events can sometimes be a matter of considerable expense. It is possible to recognise the provision of a facility by a company or local council by indicating on all announcements and media contact that the facilities have been kindly provided for the purpose of the event.

Skater Sponsorship

It is possible to sponsor a skater(s) [or a pair in the event of a dance couple by contributing to their equipment and clothing costs, training costs, travel costs, or special conditioning and overseas training.

The skater(s) in return will undertake to mention the sponsorship, can wear a limited size of motive or badge on their clothing recognising the sponsor, be available for publicity purposes [within reason] arranged by the sponsor.

Past Sponsorship

Over the years Artistic Roller Skating has been fortunate to have some major support from a number of companies. We respect their support and hereby acknowledge their assistance at the time.

Mecca Leisure Group - World Artistic Roller Skating Championships

Electricity Council & Eastern Electric – National & European Championships

Coca Cola – World Championships Gala

Rowenta – Championships Gala

Volkswagen – European Championships

Thames & Anglia TV – National & International Events