FARS is committed to ensuring the highest possible standards of safeguarding for our younger members and has a Child Protection Policy and Procedures in place.
We would like to advise all members including clubs, trainers and parents of the following:

  • Only participate in events organised by clubs or organisations other than FARS if you are completely satisfied with the credentials of the organisers and that proper child protection policies and procedures are in place and that FARS CPU certification is held by anyone either inviting you to participate in their event or proposing to take part in the running of such an event.

Should you be invited to take part in any event outside FARS jurisdiction and you have any doubts at all, do not hesitate to contact the FARS Office where you will be put in touch with the FARS Child Protection Unit who will advise as necessary.

Stephen Bruce - FARS CPU Lead Officer

CPU License Procedures

For information on how to apply for a CPU or renew your CPU please click here. To download the CPU renewal form click here.

Websites - Photos
All FARS members and club webmasters please be aware of recommended good practice in child protection with regard to pictures of Children.  The following link from the NSPCC provides full guidance and good practice advice:

NSPCC Advice and Guideline
Please also refer to page 17 of the FARS Child Protection and Procedures Handbook.

Child Protection Useful Information and Links

Child Protection in Sport Unit
There are a series of briefing papers on the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) website that may be valuable for FARS members and clubs. On the home page click on “view briefings and guidance papers”

Kidscape (for Anti-Bullying)

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