Club Competitions

There are two kinds of competitions that clubs are permitted to run, an "inter-club" event or an "open" event.

An event is classed as an ""inter-club" event when the event is made up of the hosting club plus one other club. These events do not require a permit or follow GBSA competition rules.

An affiliated club running ANY type of event (Gala, Festival, Competition etc) for more than two (2) clubs (including the hosting club) must follow GBSA competition rules and the following applies:

  1. The event will be known as an “open” event.
  2. The hosting club must be affiliated with GBSA.
  3. All competing competitors must be a member of GBSA.
  4. Only qualified GBSA officials can be used.
  5. Hosting clubs must have a valid GBSA competition permit.

If a club wants to run an Open competition please follow the guide below:

  1. Complete a competition date request form.

  2. Once the GBSA board has agreed the date, the GBSA officials commission will try and arrange judges for that date. If the right number of judges can’t be confirmed the club will be contacted to look at using the alternate dates.

  3. Once the date is agreed and officials confirmed the club will be informed.

  4. GBSA will send out club competition information via its communication channels if requested.

  5. 28 days before the event the permit request form should be completed and sent to the office along with the needed payments.

Additional Information

  1. The GBSA officials commission will complete the needed rota and ensure the officials are prepared for the event.

  2. The assigned calculators will manage the judges papers and results using the preferred method of the club. Example WhatsApp groups.


GBSA Open Club Competition Date Request Form (PDF)
GBSA Open Club Competition Date Request Form (editable)

GSBA Club Competition Permit (PDF)
GSBA Club Competition Permit (editable)

All communication for the event should be managed through the GBSA office.